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Honorable Founder Chairman's Message
As an educator, I have been greatly fascinated by the work of a sculpture. With his chiseled touch, the cold and unhewn stone becomes a living mould. Nurturing the silent desire to add meaning to every degree of my life and rendering to the call of humanity. I sought to sincerely Endeavour to identify the Angel in each child; attach wings of liberty and faith through the tools of education; and eventually provide a steady platform enabling them to launch the flight of their precious dreams.

The Principal pens………
Education should just not be a mere acquisition of knowledge. It must teach young minds to draw up a line demarcation between knowledge acquired and wisdom gained, especially in today's non-linear world. Tomorrow's world will depend not only on agrarian or sociopolitical economies, but on intellectual capital too. So as custodian, of children, it is our prime duty to familiarize them with challenges and prepare them to traverse and conquer them on the strength of their inherent intelligence and wisdom.

Our philosophy," Think big, think different, think fast, think ahead and question for the best", helps us to transform the tiny-tots into young warriors! Remember, it is only a warrior who can accept challenges unlike an ordinary mortal who accepts everything as a blessing or curse. We are looking forward to lighting a lamp that will illuminate the whole world with its wisdom, creating a pool of learning that will never dry up; and painting a canvas that will portray the world in its sublime grandeur.

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