The School has a fleet of 06 buses plying in the radius of 25 kilometers, manned by trained and experienced drivers and conductors and managed by the transport incharge. Every bus has a teacher in charge to look after the discipline and well being of the children in the bus.

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Transport Rules
School transport available to take the students to and from the school with in a radius of 25 km. on the existing routes.
  • School transport cannot be claimed as a right.
  • Students desiring to avail the transport facility provided by the School may apply to the Principal in a prescribed form available with the office. The said form is to be submitted to the class teacher within a week's time.
  • Please attach one photograph on the transport form and one photograph is to be submitted along with the said form.
  • Bus fee will be charged for 11 months for the year.
  • Parents desiring to discontinue the transport service are required to intimate to the Principal in writing at least 2 months in advance or pay two months bus fare in lieu thereof.
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to accompany their wards in the bus.
  • In case of emergency such as the following, the school will not be able to run the bus or compensate.
    a. Sudden breakdown of the vehicle
    b. Sudden sickness of the driver
    c. Shortage of fuel
    d. Any other unavoidable incident

  • In case the child is dropped by the parents to the School or collected by the parents from the School, the fact must be brought to the notice of the concerned driver/conductor through the School Office/Transport In charge.
  • No students shall be allowed to use the School Bus one way. In every case bus fee will be charged for both ways.
  • For any change in the bus arrangement written request stating adequate reason thereof should be made to the School Office/Transport In charge Change of bus route cannot be claimed as a matter of right. This will be allowed subject to the availability of the seat in desiring bus route.
  • Only the students who have been allowed to avail the school transport are permitted to travel in the School Bus at the stipulated time of dismissal. Any student leaving the school early/late has to be collected by the parent/guardian.
  • There can be an increase in the transport fee in the middle of the session also if price of fuel is raised suddenly by the Government.
  • The transport facility can be withdrawn if the student availing the transport exhibits any kind of indiscipline.

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